Getting a baby to sleep and to stay asleep is the holy grail of  parenting!  I know because I had 3 of these little cherubs of my own and I’ve lived to tell about it.  We all love the sweet smiles, the silly giggles, nibbling on chubby toes and watching these little humans master ever-increasing skills.  Few things are more fulfilling for a parent than watching their baby thrive! But when sleep is elusive and sporadic, fatigue can sabotage the most contented, naturally happy baby. Not to mention that it can transform competent, stable mommies and daddies into desperate, frazzled zombies who are hanging on to their sanity by a thread.

I not only spent years dealing with my own children, but I was also a professional nanny for over 12 years prior to becoming a child sleep consultant.  Getting babies to sleep well in my care was a great passion of mine, even earning me the name “Baby Whisperer” by more than one of my nanny families! I saw first hand what a profound difference good sleep made in the temperament and happiness of a child, but I didn’t know how to teach parents how to replicate what I was able to achieve with their baby’s sleep.

Many of my families suffered greatly from lack of sleep during my nanny years. As a result, I turned my focus to addressing this massive problem and to learning and mastering reliable, effective and easily applied methods to empower families to regain the rest they deserve. Becoming an expert, certified SleepSense consultant has given me all I need to finally make a difference.

So I’m on a mission! It’s my passion to help as many families as I can to regain and restore their rest, energy, and even their marriages. That’s right… can you imaging the positive impact of getting a couple of private, uninterrupted hours with your spouse each evening? The ripple affect of healthy sleep habits for children is huge!

So if you relate to anything I have shared and would like some tools to be able to address and resolve this sleep battle, please allow me to help. You will be so very happy you did!

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